Supporting each state and non-state actor, developing or strengthening actors unity, enabling sustainable development.

Our Mission

Based on a full and intensive use of a quality knowledge through a multidisciplinary, an interdisciplinary, and a transdisciplinary approach, the mission of the organization is to support each actor, develop and strengthen the complementarity of the international, regional, national and local actors for a better governance through innovative decision-making, implementation and operation for tangible and sustainable results that protect the planet and provide better living conditions to people and each human being:

-Support states actors in becoming more innovative, creative and inventive;


-Support interaction between states, states and non-states actors and non-states actors among themselves;


-Mediate for knowledge and technology transferring;


-Provide better evidence-based knowledge and information;


-Conduct research, analysis with recommendations and provide support for well-founded and harmonised procedures, processes, and policies;


-Support a Human governance as well as the protection of the planet;


-Economies transformation supporting to meet the climate change mitigation and adaptation objectives;


-Support the transformation of crises, conflicts and wars situations into lasting peace and security and sustainable development with states actors as mains drivers of change;


-Reforming and strengthening structures, systems, and institutions free from politics centred on power and corruption;


-Improving and supporting implementation;


-Develop and improve monitoring and evaluation mechanism;


-Organize local, national, regional and international meetings based on new designed ideas.